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Hi. I’m Andy, a IT professional by trade with a side interest in productivity, Getting Things Done, and tools that enable me to work better. This site is a collection of musings and writing on my journey to try and be more productive.
Sometime around 2015 I purchased an MX Master mouse, and I had a gift certificate for PC World (an electronics shop in the UK) which reduced the price to about £40. At the time, it felt like a frivolous purchase, but I had to buy a new mouse as my ageing Microsoft Explorer mouse had finally died after around ten years of service.
This morning I decided to look at my sites, and I counted seven domains where I create some form of written output. Only one, this site, has a clear-cut definition of what content to place on there. The remaining list of six domains have been sites created on a whim or created to fill a specific need, and splitting my time between them has reduced the amount of quality work I can create on others.
I have an idea of how I want to work. Sometimes when I come across an insightful article or book I like to keep note of useful information, interesting concepts, or just quotes. Currently, I’m using a collection of different tools that enable this; Instapaper for online media, Kindle highlights for my books, and LogSeq to capture any other media notes.
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