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Hi. I’m Andy, a IT professional by trade with a side interest in productivity, Getting Things Done, and tools that enable me to work better. This site is a collection of musings and writing on my journey to try and be more productive.
Well, it’s not strictly one month later, more a month and a bit. Pandemic time has the ability to stretch out normal time periods to be a tad longer than what you expect. On the 10th December 2020 I ordered one of the new MacBook Air M1, and since the 16th it has been my daily driver laptop.
Admitting something isn’t working for you is the first step, next is deciding on what to do next. Less than a month ago I posted how [Notion] was now the key part of my “Second Brain” and at that point I’d spent three weeks building my “LifeOS”, as its frequently called, in the application and integrating with my Getting Things Done workflow.
I migrated over to Notion within a few hours of opening an account, my discovery of it coincided with my attempt to re-implement my Getting Things Done workflow with P.A.R.A. style document storage. I had previously been a very heavy user of Evernote, but with the purchase of an Office365 tenant to handle my emails I converted over to OneNote, and then after a while I realized nothing was working for me and I had to thing about re-implementing my reference storage.
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