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Hi. I’m Andy, a IT professional by trade with a side interest in productivity, Getting Things Done, and tools that enable me to work better.

I originally picked up Getting Things Done around 2007 with the aim to improve my productivity and organise my life, what I didn’t realise is that this would open up a rabbit hole of self improvement for the next 13 years. As I now approach my 39th birthday i’ve picked up the book for a second reading and i’ll be documenting my feelings and the fall-out on this site.

The caret (/ˈkærɪt/) is a V-shaped grapheme, usually inverted and sometimes extended, used in proofreading and typography to indicate that additional material needs to be inserted at this point in the text. A similar mark has a variety of unrelated uses in programming, mathematics and other contexts.

Why caret.one? I was on the hunt for a name that was something a little different to use for a pet project, this isn’t the pet project I had in mind, but it’ll do as the name feels fitting for the content considering its typography and editing history. So, no hidden meanings, just another name.