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My first reading of Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen was back around 2007. I was inspired by Merlin Mann to pickup the book and give it a try and while I never did finish that first full read through it changed how I thought of task management. For years and years i’d been a mess when it came to fulfilling my commitments, like the examples in GTD everything was stored in my memory in a perpetual vortex of uncertainty and stress about what I had to complete next.
I’ve been a half invested Getting Things Done (GTD) practitioner for the better part of ten years, probably even longer. Over time my workflow has changed from a basic Filofax and paper notes to numerous applications, Todoist and Evernote were the longest serving applications by far, but even they headed towards the chopping block once the subscription fees started ramping up.
It is not unusual to find many people jaded at best about the value of goal-setting, given the stress created by what are often perceived as artificial expectations decreed from on high. - David Allen Nothing sums up my experiences with goals better than that quote. I’ve been a recurrent “goal breaker” for many years, in that every goal I set myself I either fail or ignore after a short period of time.
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